Montreal + Jazz + Festival; What summer is all about


The summer in Quebec is phenomenal. Many different cultures come together to craft a bond that cannot be found anywhere else. Many musical genres can be heard all over Quebec, and with so many festivals in Montreal and the surrounding area, you are sure to have a blast. Although Montreal is host to the largest Jazz festival in the world, all of Quebec’s other fine festivals are also a must-see. The web site,, has in its name, the three words that constitute what the summer in Montreal and its environs is all about. This web site is an information portal to Montreal’s summer jazz scene, listing the most important jazz festivals in and around the city. Enjoy what Quebec has to offer this summer, and jam to the sweet sounds of sensuality, rhythm and improvisation. “Jazz is the music of the body.” Anias Nin 

Festival International de Jazz de Montreal

From June 29th to July 9th Montreal will be hosting its Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. For those who are not into the jazz scene but want to enjoy or include their family in some summer event, the Montreal Jazz fest is the place to be. On the other hand, Many Montrealers have expressed the opinion that “Festival International de Jazz de Montreal” has become too large for its own good. People view it as being held hostage by large sponsors who prefer to market their products rather than have the public listen to real jazz. Learn more about the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal.  

Festival Nuit Afrique

The Festival Nuit d’Afrique, with its immense popularity and collection of fascinating talents will begin its annual events early next month. Priced at less than ten dollars, each event makes for an electrifying evening of entertainment. Since 1987,  when the first Festival Nuit d’Afrique of Montreal took place, it stood alone amongst the crowd of other cultural events in this city. An impressive lineup of over two hundred musicians, dancers and singers, unite to build a connection between the cultures of Africa, the Caribbean Islands and the West Indies with those of North America and Quebec. This year’s festival will take place from July 13 to the 23rd, so be sure to catch at least one event!


L’OFF Festival          

L’OFF festival is one of the most intriguing festivals the Montreal summer has to offer because it features a wealth of exquisite local jazz talent. During a two month span, musicians Quebec-wide will get together to create something pure. These concerts attract amateur musicians to play with professionals in a fusion of improvised creativity to build a platform for old tributes and new flames. Performances take place in venues like the Lion D’Or and other (now non-smoky) jazz bars around the city. This is the place to be if you’re looking for the best Montreal and Quebec jazz talents. L’OFF festival has expanded and for the third season in a row, will set up stage in Rimouski, a small town in rural Quebec. L’OFF festival is a non profit organization aimed at the continuation and vitality of Jazz and its culture.


Ottawa Jazz festival

At the Ottawa Jazz festival, you will be able to enjoy an abundance of talent from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. This delightful festival takes you on a journey through the jazz culture of Canada’s capitol. One must-see act is Adrian Cho’ Impressions in Jazz Orchestra. As Canada’s first neophonic jazz repertory orchestra, Cho conducts many of Ottawa’s finest jazz and symphony musicians into a unique ensemble of an eighteen-piece jazz combo and a twenty-five-piece neophonic orchestra. Many venues will be open in Ottawa as the summer of festivals kicks off. All the venues are located in Ottawa’s downtown core and one can acquire a pass to see each exciting series.  


Festival de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville

The Festival de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville has come a long way since its first appearance in 1983. Brought to the community of Victoriaville on a small budget by the non-profit Productions Plateforme Inc., this festival has struggled to make its mark in Quebec’s cultural calendar. The festival now happens on Victoria day weekend and seeks to promote and broaden new experimental music produced by Quebec and International artists.  Another important role that the FIMAV plays is to develop and propel an original name for tourism in the Bois-Francs region.


Burlington Jazz festival

The Burlington Jazz’n Blues festival will commence this year on July 21st and will rock its way through the weekend. This year’s main venues host some big band jazz orchestras and a violin virtuoso. This is a great festival to make a pit stop at.  After only two years of programming, it has risen in popularity to one of the Montreal/Vermont area’s best produced outdoor summer festivals. Also included are musical workshops for beginners, master classes and special VIP passes to tour the city.  Explore a variety of experiences in Burlington and enjoy this small festival with its enormous spirit. 

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